Raising Awareness and Funds


A fundraising campaign through SGMUSO to #fundagig, funds raised will be used to fund a local gig to live stream by paying the artistes (ranging from S$100-$300 per live stream gig). This is to help create gigs for these artistes, to pay them and sustain their livelihood.


In partnership with Hawkers United, funds raised through this fundraising campaign will be used buy food and drinks from the local hawkers (through working with various sponsors) to distribute to our Frontline workers.


We will distribute food/drinks from #fundahawker to our frontliners to thank them for their hard work, and helping Singaporeans in this challenging Covid 19 times.



Date Time Event
MFAC16 Alumni
Day 1 Session 1
28th MAY 2020 (THURSDAY)
1600-1645 Afterhours
1645-1730 Gareth Fernandez and the Momma Shop
1730-1815 Jack and Rai
MFAC17 Alumni
Day 1 Session 2
28th MAY 2020 (THURSDAY)
1900-1945 MICappella
1945-2030 Dru Chen
2030-2115 Linying
MFAC18 Alumni
Day 2 Session 1
29th MAY 2020 (FRIDAY)
1600-1645 Joie Tan
1645-1730 Tabula
1730-1815 53A
MFAC19 Alumni
Day 2 Session 2
29th MAY 2020 (FRIDAY)
1900-1945 Shye
1945-2030 brb.
2030-2115 Charlie Lim