Boeram Apik

Boeram Apik calls their creations Printed Pleasures; a series of affordable paper products that put a smile on your face. Everything is crafted by hand and with love, making each piece personal and one-of-a-kind.


A proponent for reducing our carbon footprint, bottle caps destined for incinerators and landfills are upcycled into beautiful and functional miniature art like Magnets, Pendants and Bookmarks.  Come and meet 2017 EarthFest award winner, Goh Pi Kuan, known for his unique bottle cap creations and other handmade gifts.


We're a husband-wife team who enjoy making with our hands. MAKERLALA is our lifestyle studio celebrating all things s l o w.

Kint Story

The Kint Story was founded on a mission to reduce the ecological footprint of the fast fashion industry. “Kint” is short for Kintsugi, which represents the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with golden lacquer, offering the object a new lease of life.


Inspired by nature and the love for fabric exploration, U.TOPI creates unique bags that caters to different users. Ranging from the go-to tote bag to a simple pouch for your daily necessities.


We are ‘dad and kids’ team. My boy is the art critique (yes he criticizes my work) and my gal the artistic designer. Together we love to artify your wallz with our amazing Pop Art poster frames! From superheroes, motivational quotes, musicians, soccer, sports to other crazy-random stuff, we’re sure u'll find something u love there. So join us on our magical, colorful journey.

teru teru x jumbledyarns

TeruTeruWIthCrafts handmade crochet doll. Inspired by the Japanese weather doll "Teru Teru Bozu". Generally selling weather doll in different characters and amigurumi.


We are a social enterprise that offers mattresses and pillows. We pride ourselves as being a Social Enterprise in Singapore not only trying to educate people in the importance of getting enough rest, but we also believe that everyone from all walks of life or income bracket should be able to get enough quality rest.

Threads of Syria

Threads of Syria is a not- for-profit initiative working to provide sustainable livelihoods for Syrian women refugees. Our mission is to build sustainable livelihoods for refugees globally through craftsmanship.

Laugh And Belly

Laugh And Belly, real name Siqi, is a chemist turned illustrator and self-proclaimed Pun Fu Master. She creates cuter than necessary illustrations with witty wordplay. During the festival, Laugh And Belly will also be opening portrait commissions, which can be completed in 30 minutes.

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