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Houg is a Trip-Hop/Chillwave artist-producer from Singapore. Only seriously starting to make music in 2016, Houg has been through quite a journey of expression and reflection while navigating the personal realities of his life.




YAØ is a singer/songwriter, informed by a love for Hip-Hop/R&B & alternative pop.


Tabula originates from the Latin term ‘Tabula Rasa’. This Spanish phrase means clean slate in English, the opposite of fate. In sociology, this means that you can create your own future, every action and reaction interacting to create life.

Jack & Rai

Starting off as solo acoustic musicians more than a decade ago, Jack & Rai came together in 2002 to form an acoustic duo with a chemistry that borders telepathic.


53A is one of Singapore’s most prominent cover bands featuring a dynamic young crew of talented and versatile music performers from diverse backgrounds, all of whom are well-tenured in the local ‘live’ music scene.

Gareth and The Momma Shop

Gareth Fernandez is a Singaporean artist, and has been part of its burgeoning music scene since 2014.

Joanna Dong

Joanna Dong is a Singaporean jazz vocalist, musical theatre actress and TV host.


brb. is an up and coming R&B trio based in Singapore comprising of Auzaie Zie, Clarence Liew Oliveiro and Marc Lian. Since their debut in late 2018 they have garnered attention and fans from across Asia with their streaming hits 'Cool With It' and 'Talking To Myself'.


Fingerfunk is an electronic R&B/Hip Hop quartet who, amidst the abundance of heavily produces commercial music, pushes live performance into the forefront.



Charlie & Yeo

Charlie Lim is a singer-songwriter/producer based in Singapore, whose debut record ‘TIME/ SPACE’ clinched the number 1 spot on the iTunes Singapore chart and was named Best Pop Album of the Year by The Straits Times and awarded Best Song of the Year by Apple Music Singapore. Melbourne-based musical chameleon Yeo is known for bending genres, continually exploring the dimensions of electronic, pop and R&B and has been praised as a multi-instrumentalist, in the studio and on stage, alternating between keys, bass and keytar.

Subsonic Eye

Subsonic Eye wants you to come along for the ride. The young Singaporean band and Middle Class Cigars signee makes dream pop suffused with sunshine and swirling emotion – twisting, transportive music that envelops as much as it hooks.

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