Dover Park Hospice

Dover Park Hospice

Founded in 1992, Dover Park Hospice is Singapore’s first purpose-built hospice, catering to those nearing their end of life’s journey. As a secular, non-profit organisation, we open our doors to people of every age, race, religion, and income level. Through a transdisciplinary team comprising doctors and nurses specialising in palliative care, medical social workers, art and music therapists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and pastoral counsellor, the team jointly assess, discuss and plan for the care of the patients including caregivers’ support.

Over the years, our premises have served as a tranquil sanctuary for over 12,000 patients and families. We provide holistic palliative care in meeting their physical, emotional, psycho-social and spiritual needs. To complement our inpatient service and home care programme, we have extended our services in providing integrated care to our patients with the operation of our new Day Care to ensure continuity of care in a seamless manner over time and different care settings.

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