Chained Dog Awareness in Singapore (CDAS)

Chained Dog Awareness in Singapore (CDAS)


Chained Dog Awareness in Singapore (CDAS) is a FaceBook Coummunity that advocates against the prolonged tethering and caging of dogs in Singapore. We believe that tethering and caging dogs over an extended period results in unnecessary stress to the animal and has a causal link to increased aggression in dogs. We believe that there are better approaches to address behavioural issues and such prolonged tethering and caging of dogs constitutes animal cruelty.

CDAS is helmed by a small group of core volunteers with support from a network of volunteers and its FaceBook Community. We work together with other AWG’s and the AVS to improve the welfare of chained/caged dogs in Singapore


CDAS has three areas of focus: • RESCUE : We investigate reports of chained/caged dogs based on tip offs from our network and the general public We then work with parties concerned to either improve the living conditions of the dogs in question or rescue and rehome them. • EDUCATE: We educate the public and partners on the detrimental effects of tethering and caging of dogs and to expand the definition of welfare to include mental welfare. • INFLUENCE: We engage with AWG’s, AVS and the media to help shape and interpret what the statutory duty of care implies in the context of chaining and caging a dog. We partner with them to evolve social norms and public attitudes on tethering and coaching and how legislation in Singapore will need to evolve in the future.


Our biggest challenge is the continued tolerance for chaining/caging dogs in Singapore. Many Singaporeans define animal welfare only in terms of physical aspects food, water and shelter. Additionally, dogs are defined as property under Singapore law. We consequently face very strong push back when we approach owners seeking better solutions for their dogs. They perceive our attitudes to be those of radical dog lovers, our actions to be interfering and an infringement of their rights as property owners (of the dog in question). A few have threatened legal action and sometimes their social networks swing into action to discredit us. In actual fact, the law is on our side, the Amendment to the Animal and Birds Act effective since January 2015, requires owners to take on a positive duty of care, not just avoidance of acts of physical cruelty. Social norms need to catch up to the positive spirit of the law and we work towards a day when there is an unequivocal intolerance for chaining and caging of dogs.


The best way students and the public can help CDAS is to share our posts and to help educate people in their personal networks, a conversation at a time. CDAS also appeal for volunteers and funds on a needs basis, we would also greatly appreciate help on these fronts.

Additionally, we can only help those dogs we know of, so we need the public to be our eyes and ears and to help monitor so we sufficient evidence to make a case to the AVS for investigation.

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