Babes was launched in 2005 under the umbrella of Beyond Social Services, a voluntary welfare organisation that works with the community to support children and youths from low-income families. In 2013, Babes established itself as a separate organisation to give more focus on the issue of teenage pregnancy. Since its launch, Babes has assisted more than 600 individuals in pregnancy crisis.

Proactively reaching out to anyone aged 21 and below needing support with their unplanned pregnancy, Babes believes that the girls we help should be aware of the options they have and strives to ensure that they have the opportunity to make an informed decision with regards to their pregnancy. Using a “mother-centric” approach, we work towards garnering support from the girl’s family, friends and wider community as this will help her to realise her decision responsibly and for her to experience a sense of normalcy in this difficult period.

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